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Ankit is Manager-Human Resources at Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ankit brings with him 5+ years of experience as an HR professional in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals Ltd in 2017, Ankit was working with RPG Life Sciences Ltd since 2012. Ankit has strong experience in handling corporate and plant HR through the entire employee life cycle. Some of the key areas Ankit has worked on extensively are talent acquisition, goal setting, employee engagement, talent management, performance management, learning & development and employee communications through these 5 years. Ankit has a passion to engage talent through transparent working & showing the right path to success. A strong endeavour to build an exciting workplace drives Ankit to lead the front for performance management, talent management and learning & development at Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

I must say that treating a monoester (isopropyl myristate) as being a DOE equivalent of the combination a triglyceride and lecithin (a mixture of diglycerides linked to choline esters of phosphoric acid) is a pretty strange application of DOE. Admittedly, the Federal Circuit panel noted that: "To be clear, we are not presented the issue of the substantiality of the differences between the chemical structures of isopropyl myristate,triglyceride, and lecithin." But such chemical "differences" should impact the application of DOE. (Note that SCOTUS in Graver Tank also committed the faux pas of treating magnesium as being equivalent to manganese.) Also, as the accused infringer correctly pointed out, the functional benefit alleged for the combination of triglyceride and lecithin (as "penetration enhancers") is nowhere to be found in the patent. Also admittedly, the accused infringer was caught by their own statements to the FDA that isopropyl myristate was equivalent to the combination of triglyceride and lecithin as a "penetration enhancer." Even so, I find the application of DOE in this case very strange, including whether it complies with the "all elements rule" that still must be satisfied for DOE.

Watson pharmaceuticals steroids

watson pharmaceuticals steroids


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