Topical steroids around eyes

In using antibiotics to treat rosacea, the physician or dermatologist generally starts with a milder version of an oral antibiotic such as Oracea or Tetracycline and should be tapered off in three to five months but have been found to be prescribed for much longer periods of time. Because bacteria mutate very quickly the initial antibiotic may lose its effectiveness in just a few months. If the symptoms have shown improvement over this time, the decision may be made to switch to a topical antibiotic rather than a stronger oral antibiotic.

For your readers with dry skin + adult acne, I highly recommend squalane + prickly pear seed oil along with the sea buckthorn! I also use copaiba balsam instead of tea tree oil – it’s gentler on the skin with just as much anti-inflammatory + anti-bacterial action, plus it has lots of anti-aging properties…for the ladies, broccoli seed oil is also a must have in their serum…natural silicones so excellent as a makeup primer plus it’s very anti-inflammatory…Lastly, tamanu to heal scars from past breakouts…I also use the following essential oils: neroli, helichyrsum, and german chamomile. For my toner I use 1:1:1 aloe juice, witch hazel (no alcohol), neroli floral water.

Topical steroids around eyes

topical steroids around eyes


topical steroids around eyestopical steroids around eyestopical steroids around eyestopical steroids around eyestopical steroids around eyes