Thinned skin from steroids

I am Carmen from Queensland, Australia, have always been a bit unfit, but after a motor vehicle accident 5 years ago where I was in bed, for 3 months, have now been diagnosed with severe Emphysema, however I have also had Crohns Disease, taking a lot of Prednisone 20 years ago, play Lawn bowls and have shocking thin bruising, tearing thin skin, that becomes easily infected, also have just found out I have Kidney disease with shrunken kidneys and cysts, so am not having much meat and have cut out salt, I have also read that Kidney disease can cause breathlessness, I can put up with everything else I have except the severe breathlessness. I have a burning throat all the time and severe heartburn.

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Thinned skin from steroids

thinned skin from steroids


thinned skin from steroidsthinned skin from steroidsthinned skin from steroidsthinned skin from steroidsthinned skin from steroids