The rock has to be on steroids

Roads Closed (All Times Are Approximate Within 15 minutes):
o Armory Ave from Baltimore to Knowles (7am-10:30am)
o Armory Ave from Knowles to Howard (8am-9am)
o Howard Ave from Armory to Kensington Pkwy (8am-9am)
o Kensington Pkwy from Frederick to Washington (8am-10am)
o Kensington Pkwy from Washington to Beach (7:30am-9am)
o Beach Drive from Connecticut to Stoneybrook (8am-9:30am)
o Old Spring Rd from Beach to E. Bexhill (8:15am – 9:30am)
o E. Bexhill Drive from Beach to Wake (8:15am-9:45am)
o Wake Drive from E. Bexhill to Frederick (8:15am-9:45am)
o Frederick Ave from Wake to Kensington Pkwy (8:15am -9:45am)
o Baltimore St, Carroll Pl, Hadley Pl, Calvert Pl, Washington St (7am-10am)
o Fawcett, Mitchell, Montgomery, Kent Impacted by Road Closures

So without too much fuss, and zero engine modifications (just additional code), I have a property editor for any object in my engine. I can edit textures, sounds, or any new game object I add to the engine.

I have a few more editors to write. For example I don’t have a color picker. Right now I just type in a hex value like 0xFFCO80AB. But that shouldn’t be too bad to create in a day or so. And I probably need some resource editor that allows me to browse everything on disc.

I could also modify the serialization functions to provide some meta-data for the editor. For example minimum/maximum values for numbers, increments for spinners, read only fields, field groupings, etc. But this will require modifying every existing serialization function. All in good time.

This is a long way from a full featured editor, but it’s a start and it has a lot of possibilities. First is that I can edit all objects that I serialize without any additional code. It can also be used to do strange things, like editing the user interface properties of the property editor. And because it uses my own UI, in the future I could use it in game to select objects, see their properties, and change them for debugging purposes.


The rock has to be on steroids

the rock has to be on steroids


the rock has to be on steroidsthe rock has to be on steroidsthe rock has to be on steroidsthe rock has to be on steroidsthe rock has to be on steroids