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For everyone is different but the main cause of my FAI/ Labral Tear was lack of core strength (i was a cardio junkie eating a low protein diet for a few years- how stupid!). After 11 months post-surgery my hip is feeling great but my abs/ lats start to hurt and feel extremely fatigue so I am now working on those. In essence, I have had prostatitis as a result of lack of core strength as well. Here is the key takeaway: FAI/labral tear are often (not always of course) the sympton, not the cause of the problem (for sure in my case). The western medicine unfortunately very often treats the symptons and we are left to problem solve and find the true causes and address it. I have had issues with pelvic alignment and found this great blog below that connects with lack of core strength:


Steroid maximus blogspot

steroid maximus blogspot


steroid maximus blogspotsteroid maximus blogspotsteroid maximus blogspotsteroid maximus blogspotsteroid maximus blogspot