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@Joe Q, I address this issue in Chapter 10 of the second edition of my book “The Jews of Khazaria”. The Ashkenazi Jews migrating east into the Belarusian region encountered a small population of Slavic-speaking Jews. The suggestion is that these Slavic-speaking Jews had been speaking Slavic for several hundred years and had long since abandoned Turkic but that their distant ancestors did speak Turkic and Greek and came from Khazaria and the Byzantine Empire respectively. Some of the early Slavic Jewish families of the region married the incoming Ashkenazim and presumably contributed some of the Slavic elements to Yiddish language and culture.

Is it the case that as a driver in receipt of Incapacity Benefit and undergoing migration to ESA I stand a big chance of being found fit for work ? When this hasd come up at appeals in your job have the tribunal taken great heed of driving. In my case I have OCD and severe anxiety but how the hell else can I travel being as I cant cope alone on public transport and can’t always have someone available to come to the GP etc., I’m so horrified at the idea that my driving could ‘do for me’ I’d think about surrendering my licence pronto ! I see that the DVLA medical disclosure form doesnt even enquire about concentration , it asks about meds and memory

Shaz steroids reviews 2012

shaz steroids reviews 2012


shaz steroids reviews 2012shaz steroids reviews 2012