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Buy clothes to fit your future body - Just like setting goals, this helps you to re-confirm the decision you have made by working towards another goal – Fitting in new clothes. The more expensive the better, this way you won’t want to waste your time. Whether it be a few waist sizes smaller or for someone who is looking to gain weight then purchase the next size up and aim to fit it. Telling people what your goal is again forces you to aim high because it’s not just a secret goal but you wont want to disappoint anybody. This is why I do competitions and photoshoots. The last thing I want is to go on stage unprepared or look out of shape. If I’m prepping for a shoot, again I don’t want to have images circulating on social media with me in terrible condition, unless its for the purpose of a before an after shot.

If you know anything about baseball cards, it won't come as a shock that this Honus Wagner card sold for a staggering $ million in 2016, besting its previous high of $ million from 2007. Widely considered to be the "Holy Grail" of baseball collectibles, the card's value is forever tied to its backstory . It was originally produced by the American Tobacco Company and was included in packs of the company's cigarettes. But, for reasons that still aren't completely clear , Wagner made the company pull the card from the market, resulting in anywhere from only 25 to 200 ever being released—and more than 100 years later, the scarcity has made it a landmark in sports collectibles.

CNN was bought or sold out to the “left” and to mss liberals CNN’s “truth” IS the truth. Similarly, FOX News was bought or sold out to the “right” and most on the right see FOX’s “truth” as the gospel truth. Other “News” Networks fall in between but all of them have some political sway. Politicians know that if you own the mass you can control the mass and sell the whatever propaganda you want. Why do you think Mr. Obama is all of a sudden interest in “creating television programing” even though he has no experience in the field? He knows that based on his personal popularity a devoted section of the mass will tune in to watch and once he has them he can serve them cleverly crafted “stories” whose aim is not to inform but to shape the thoughts and ideas of the sheep who will lap his stories up like good hungry sheep.

Roger snipes steroids

roger snipes steroids


roger snipes steroidsroger snipes steroidsroger snipes steroidsroger snipes steroidsroger snipes steroids