Psychiatric adverse effects of corticosteroids

Actually you are using false logic by assuming that people could have been violent before these drugs because there is plenty of actual evidence of people who had never been violent, becoming violent on these drugs. Pages and pages. Besides, these kinds of mass shootings were EXTREMELY rare before 1950s, when these drugs started being mass prescribed. SSRIs date coincide with an enormous increase of the mass shootings and an increase in suicides. You don't even need case studies, because they date coincide and pure statistical studies of what was changed in what year shows quite clearly that these drugs is the only major change in what is happening and therefore are the cause. If you wish to close your eyes, nobody can open them for you. Even just the fact that most psychiatric drugs get banned right before their patent expires should be enough to see this industry for what it is. Hell, it spends 4x more on marketing than research. DSM is a shameful hoax, psychiatrists voting on what is a disease and what is not. The whole subject is unscientific. There is no set of axioms, no standard terminology, no standard diagnosis, no actual scientific tests to determine a disease. They are talking about chemical imbalance but there is no chemical tests made to pronounce you ill. And there is no actual scientific proof of any chemical imbalance existing yet they claim they are trying to fix the nonexistent imbalance by balancing it with drugs that bypass your metabolic pathways. And you talk about science? Don't make me laugh. I worked with the people on these drugs, taking them off. Every single one got rid of all the urges and other side effects at the end, case history upon case history. And they include violent behavior or thoughts which were never manifest before they started taking these drugs. Why would a violent person be diagnosed with a depression? Did you see a lot of depressed people being violent? Apathy and sadness are not violent, and apathy and sadness is what depression is, by definition. Talk about logic. Seriously.

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    Doctors leap to prescribe them even before a need has been established. After a sinus procedure which caused some unusual bleeding, the doctor packed the area with gauze padding and then was about to write a prescription for an antibiotic because, as he put it, he wanted to prevent an infection from starting. He got a resounding NO from me-I never did develop an infection. So far I am refusing any and all antibiotics. I understand they can be lifesavers and if the situation arises again, I don’t know what I will do if there is serious infection present.

    Psychiatric adverse effects of corticosteroids

    psychiatric adverse effects of corticosteroids


    psychiatric adverse effects of corticosteroidspsychiatric adverse effects of corticosteroidspsychiatric adverse effects of corticosteroidspsychiatric adverse effects of corticosteroidspsychiatric adverse effects of corticosteroids