Oral or injectable winstrol

Where trials with the co- intervention of a human chorionic gonadotrophin trigger injection (given only in the injectable ovulation induction agent treatment arm) were not excluded there was no significant difference in the odds of live birth per couple ( OR , 95% CI ). However oral ovulation induction agents had significantly reduced odds of pregnancy per woman compared to injectable ovulation induction agents ( OR , 95% CI to ). For detrimental outcomes, there were no significant differences in the odds of miscarriage ( OR , 95% CI to ) and multiple birth ( OR , 95% CI to ) for injectable versus oral agents. No data were available concerning the occurrence of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome nor cycle cancellation.

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Oral or injectable winstrol

oral or injectable winstrol


oral or injectable winstroloral or injectable winstroloral or injectable winstroloral or injectable winstroloral or injectable winstrol