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He had to promise Iran just to get a sniff at the election process. This Iran issue, so paramount to Israel — has to be tested out by this President. If not, he would be out on his ears long time ago. But it is clear that nobody but Israel is following.
However, Israel’s castles of sand are slowly being erroded. Iran is no longer the only country capable to defend Middle East from Israeli design. Russia is in the region militarily, and Iran having a different role. Turkey and Iran are now partners, and Turkey that was never allowed to operate Patriot missile defense — has signed up for a vastly superior S-400. With Russian radar on Azerbaijan that covers Europe and Middle East up to and including Indian Ocean — the knowledge of potential threat has vastly improved. With Iraq slowly marching towards tighter intelligence information with Russia and Iran — is no longer being ambushed by rag tag armies. Israel should not be happy with that. Israel is being almost isolated, and after the soft coup which saw neocon hope, crown prince M. bin Najaf ousted, knows very well that different winds have bliwn over Arabia.
And when the new Crown Prince declares brotherly love for Israel — there is a kiss if a Don resonating out there. Iran? This one has sailed away long time ago.

This isn’t an isolated trend, either. Robert Vicino, the founder and CEO of a bomb shelter company called Vivos, claims that he’s received “thousands and thousands of applications” for spots in a communal bomb shelter compound in South Dakota. This subterranean community is advertised as eventually including 575 luxury “off-grid dugouts” with badass amenities like a movie theater, a shooting range (?), a hydroponic garden, and a members-only restaurant and bar. Because even after the apocalypse, rich people need their exclusivity. A spot in the community, codenamed xPoint, costs $25,000 per person, and Vicino says they’ve already reserved 50 spots.

Given a certain degree of skill, the game can be completed in under an hour, but there are daily and weekly challenges with preset levels to dip into, and you can loop the campaign after beating a certain boss to replay levels with different mode criteria. Even without all that, though, Nuclear Throne is an experience you'll want to relive—for the inexhaustible joy of gliding through hails of ordinance, and for the many small discoveries you make every time you return to the wasteland. Roguelikes don't come much greasier or grubbier, but they're seldom this compelling, either.

Nuclear throne steroids ultra

nuclear throne steroids ultra


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