Nasal steroids mechanism of action

Respected doctor,
I am a degree student. From the month of august onwards l am suffering from continuous sneezing and runny nose. Severe sneezing occurs throught the day. I cant study well,or could not do anything. I went to an allopathy doctor. She gave me montenac l tablets for one month. I felt recovered for about 15days. Again the problem started. I continued with the tablet without the advice of doctor. I stopped when l felt relief. But again the problem continued. Again l went to the same doctor. She asked me to continue the medicine for 10 days and to consult an ENT if not recovered. She also conducted a blood test. But no problem was found. When the medicine is stopped the sneezing and continuous runny nose again started after 3 days. Before consuting ent, l want ur advice. Is there any permanent cure? Iam so fed up with this decease. Two or three minutes is the gap between consecutive sneezing. I am fed up. Cant do antthing due to this. Should i consume montenac l tablet thriughout my life.?

The Emcur® Nasal Douche is a specially designed and moulded medical device for the cleansing of the nose andthe sinuses with a drug-free isotonic saline solution made with the natural Emcur® Nasal Cleansing Salt.

The Emcur® Nasal Douche, initially developed for the removal of scabs and crusts of blood in the sinuses and nasal passages after endonasal operations, enables patients to carry out a thorough irrigation of the nasal passage with a saline solution. Studies have proven that nasal douching is a valuable and effective treatment for various sinus and nasal diseases.

Nasal steroids mechanism of action

nasal steroids mechanism of action


nasal steroids mechanism of actionnasal steroids mechanism of actionnasal steroids mechanism of actionnasal steroids mechanism of actionnasal steroids mechanism of action