Mr anabolics alpha pharma

I was highly dubious about ordering from this site because online shopping is precarious at the best of times. When I seen direct banking I was further concerned and didn’t want to be “that guy” who everyone laughed at for getting scammed. I decided to lodge directly into his account from a local Halifax as a form of personal protection. I lodged the money on Thursday morning and the stuff arrived Saturday morning. Everything 100% legit. Next time I will order directly from him in a direct bank transfer with no worries and would recommend this site to anyone. The only consideration I would urge of the site owner is to consider adding paypal as a form of payment, other than that this site is top class.

1) Atlas promotion for injectables and pills. See web site top left on home page

2) Big bottles - buy 100ml get 20ml free. Deca @ $56 per 10ml, Test E 300mg @ $33 per 10ml, Test Prop @ $27 per 10ml, Winstrol Oil Injection @ $38 per 10ml

3) Alpha Primo tablets from $45 a box

4) Many producs can now be shipped by courier from India and Singapore offices. With free re ship insurance. See web site under IN/SG shipping for products in those locations

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Mr anabolics alpha pharma

mr anabolics alpha pharma