Moomiyo russian black anabolic

In Russia, moomiyo (shilajit) is thought to be the most powerful adaptogen known (a natural substance that increases the body's resistance to stress and fatigue).  It has been used by the Russian military, cosmonauts, and Olympic and other athletes to increase strength, lean muscle mass, mental and physical recuperation from stress, and to enhance physical performance. This is due to its ability to boost energy metabolism, promote muscle growth, and increase strength through its anabolic process. It also helps the body quickly recover from emotional, mental, and physical stress and heals inflammation of the muscles and joints.

Q. Have you or your staff done any research on Russian Moomiyo, or Mumie supplement? It is a powerful anabolic herb, taken from caves in Tajikistan (at least the stuff I use, from a supplier in Canada). I wonder if you have any idea if Mumie is harmful in any way, or safe. I use it minimally. It has been used by the Russians for decades, by athletes and the military.
   A. I know very little about mumie and have not used it personally.
      Q. Mumie is bituminous plant matter taken from the Juniper, and if I'm not mistaken, is the Russian (Tajikistan) version of Indian shilajit, which as you know is harvested from the base of the Indian Himalayas. I may be wrong but I think it is the same substance. Some authorities have speculated at this early juncture that mumie may come to be considered an anti-cancer fighting substance of the 21st century. I know that it does help with my weightlifting, but is so powerful that I had to cut the dose to 200mg--one capsule--with food, as it made my skin breakout when taken at 400 on an empty stomach. I admire Dr. Sahelian's work and products, so I thought he might look into this herb and possibly market it on his own. I haven't seen mumie offered in local So. Calif. health food stores, so as I said I have to buy it from Canada. It may be a viable new product for the doctor, as it is used for sex purposes as well.

Moomiyo russian black anabolic

moomiyo russian black anabolic


moomiyo russian black anabolicmoomiyo russian black anabolicmoomiyo russian black anabolic