Metabol anabolic pharmaceuticals

Possible effects include cardiomyopathy; increased LDL and decreased HDL cholesterol; increased platelet aggregation; increased blood pressure; gynecomastia (male development of large mammary glands); acne; hair loss; hirsutism (excess body hair) in females; cholestasis (a liver disorder); liver cancer; fatty liver; testicular atrophy; erectile dysfunction; prostate disease; breast atropy (females); virilization in females; menstrual changes; aggression, anxiety, psychosis (“’roid rage”), and depression. 1,13,17-19 Androstenedione may, however, raise serum testosterone levels in women. 19

There is no doubt that the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and many of the herbal ingredients found in them can promote health and wellness, but whether they actually raise growth hormone levels substantially has not been scientifically verified.
Buying HGH Products One of the main components in HGH products that is known for its ability to increase muscle mass is insulin-like growth factor-1 or IGF-1. Other growth factors may be noted on ingredient labels. However, consumers should know that when taking products that contain IGF-1, it’s better to purchase a spray or liquid drop form.

Metabol anabolic pharmaceuticals

metabol anabolic pharmaceuticals


metabol anabolic pharmaceuticalsmetabol anabolic pharmaceuticalsmetabol anabolic pharmaceuticalsmetabol anabolic pharmaceuticalsmetabol anabolic pharmaceuticals