Listeroid diesel engine generator

After SWRDC sold the original factory site for redevelopment to specialist St. Modwen Properties , the residual engineering group announced its intention in March 2013 to relocate from Dursley. In Autumn 2013, the company fell into a third period of administration. Rescued quickly through a pre-packaged administration - which avoided the company's legal obligations to pay the required 250 redundancy packages, which were instead paid by the Government - the company's association with Dursley ended in April 2014, when assembly production moved to Hardwicke and the parts supply store to a former Royal Air Force hangar at Aston Down . [18]

Our first test was to fit one of our 10' diameter wind turbines to the engine. This alternator is approx 50% efficient at 1000 Watts output. With this setup we could easily run at 1KW output - knowing full well that the alternator was also dissipating 1000 Watts of heat in the stator. So while it wasn't terribly efficient it was a fun test and I felt confident that with a larger alternator we could easily have 1500 Watts continuous output. With this alternator on it I could generate about 1KWH with 60 pounds of lodgepole pine as fuel. Not bad I didn't think...

Do your own research, they are made in India, so need a bit of TLC when first purchased, but they can be made to run very reliably for many years. The old Lister was known to last as long as 50 years with very little maintenance. JKSon Listeroid engines are one of the twenty different brands of Listeroids made in India and they have established themselves as one of the better brands in terms of quality components.

These simple power and stationary engine solutions go against modern trends and are fixable by DIYers - the JKSon engines have been in operation in many countries and are considered to be one of the top Indian engine manufacturers of these type of diesel engines.

Ozlisteroids Australia arguably have one of the largest stocks of JKSon Listeroid spare parts outside of India - some components may be used, sometimes with modification as a suitable replacement part for the restoration of genuine CS series Lister engines.

Listeroid diesel engine generator

listeroid diesel engine generator


listeroid diesel engine generatorlisteroid diesel engine generatorlisteroid diesel engine generatorlisteroid diesel engine generatorlisteroid diesel engine generator