Laser tattoo removal steroid cream

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It is very difficult to determine the number of treatments that may be required to remove your tattoo. Every tattoo is unique. Size, quality, type of ink used, color, location, and depth of the tattoo will all be determining factors. Laser tattoo removal is not an overnight treatment; it can often take several treatments combined with strict adherence to proper care between treatments. Additionally, if any complications should arise, our doctor will be available to help. You can learn more about this during the complimentary consultation.

All treatment requirements will be advised during the consultation. The area to be treated cannot have had sun exposure within the last 2-4 weeks. A white-grey discolouration of the area may appear immediately following treatment and may last up to a few days. A scab may form and drop off in 7-10 days. It would be helpful to use an anti-bacterial ointment on the treated area and cover it with a dressing for a few days after treatment. Clients are required to be using the Eden Soothing Gel post treatment to ensure safety. Avoid any excessive perspiration or physical exercise and always wear a physical SPF.

Laser tattoo removal steroid cream

laser tattoo removal steroid cream


laser tattoo removal steroid creamlaser tattoo removal steroid creamlaser tattoo removal steroid creamlaser tattoo removal steroid creamlaser tattoo removal steroid cream