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Are You One of Them?
Here Are Some Telltale, Warning Signs:      You may have a serious problem if your bearded dragon is:

  • Not eating at all, or eating very little
  • Shedding very little skin
  • Not moving about, listless
  • Has trouble drinking water
  • Looking skinny or malnourished
  • Has difficulty opening its eyes
  • Keeps scratching or attacking its cage
  • Sleeping all day instead of being alert
  • Not pooping regularly, or sudden change in poop texture
  • Aggressive and bites at anything (like your finger)
  • Has trouble breathing
  • Constantly burrowing away
  • Has chipped or broken nails
  • Not its normal color
  • Choking on its food & having considerable difficulty swallowing
  • Frantic when held
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Metabolic bone disease (MBD) is a common disease that can be fatal for bearded dragons. It occurs in bearded dragons due to malnutrition or the use of improper lighting. Typical foods that bearded dragons eat, including spinach, carrots, and collards, contain oxalates that bind to and attack the calcium in the bones of the bearded dragon. [16] Bearded dragons require UVB lights to process calcium in their diet. Without processing this calcium, their bodies will use calcium from their bones, therefore weakening them. Multivitamin supplements, a proper diet, and a UVB light is necessary to keeping a bearded dragon safe from MBD. Symptoms seen in bearded dragons with MBD include bumps in the legs, twitches or tremors, bumps along the spine or tail, a swollen bottom jaw, and jerky movements. [17]

Housing More Than One Dragon
Reptiles are instinctively territorial and may fight when caged together. A male and female Bearded Dragon can generally be kept together; however, the male may become extremely aggressive during the breeding season and require removal. Also be aware that larger Bearded Dragons may keep smaller cage mates away from food and heat sources, and may even see them as an appetizer. If you plan to house Bearded Dragons together, use a larger cage to decrease the possibility of aggression and monitor your dragons closely.

Dragon supplements anabolic

dragon supplements anabolic


dragon supplements anabolicdragon supplements anabolicdragon supplements anabolicdragon supplements anabolicdragon supplements anabolic