Dorian yates steroids and aging

However, Armstrong’s major mistake was not necessarily the doping. It was that he went far beyond the normal behavior of an elite athlete when it came to denying it. Of course, given Armstrong’s dominance of the sport, he was asked about doping much more often than his peers. This meant that he had to lie far more frequently than everyone else. Unfortunately, Armstrong didn’t stop there. He took it a step further and aggressively attacked his accusers and tried to discredit them and sometimes attempted to destroy their careers.

“Every drug has negatives but I can only speak from personal experience. I took steroids on and off from when I was competing in Amateur competitions in the British championship level up into the professional level from ’85 until ’97 when I retired. That’s 12 years of consistent use. Of course, athletes don’t use the recommended dose, they use way more than the regular dose. I can say in all that time I did get some side-effects like water retention, some acne, yes your aggression levels are higher but it depends what you do with that aggression. I took it out in the gym, I utilized it for my training. If you’re out somewhere and you’re fighting in a club or something it’s not a good thing. It varies from one person to another. We all know that alcohol can lower people’s inhibitions and make them more aggressive. One guy can have a few pints and turn into an aggressive asshole, somebody else can be totally chilled so it depends on the individual.

Death is a natural part of life, however when a bodybuilder dies in this manner it can’t be helped that the question arises as to what substances the athlete was taking. While all the information isn’t available at this time, it does seem somewhat suspicious that a man at 34 years of age would pass so suddenly. Take a look at the video, courtesy of  Shreyas Kamath Fitness , which gives a deeper explanation of the unfortunate occurrence and how Vinaya Raj, the deceased, passed away and a bit of background on the man’s past.

Dorian yates steroids and aging

dorian yates steroids and aging


dorian yates steroids and agingdorian yates steroids and agingdorian yates steroids and agingdorian yates steroids and agingdorian yates steroids and aging