Chestbrah caught with steroids

This is the best fucking comment I’ve seen on the subject. I don’t believe steroids are what caused the heart attack either. It’s when you start to stimulate the body with all kinds of other drugs like cocaine ect when you start to put more stress on the heart plus the heart condition he had did not help any. Everyone assumes steroids kill you lol. Doctors use steroids on patients every day and in moderate dosages and cleansing I think they are safe. I don’t know anyone knows what really triggered the heart attack but I would like to know what really happen in Bangkok.

i'm 34. Smoked marijuana chronically on and off since 17. I struggle greatly with weighing the pros and cons of marijuana. I found this article because i google'd "why does marijuana make you tired". It does make us users tired and sluggish and makes me feel like my my body weighs quadruple. It's hard for me to exercise regularly when i smoke marijuana. Now, being a veteran smoker and being in Washington state, I have been choosing dabs more than leaf now. I notice that even pure sativa strains knock me out after an hour or two when i dab. I notice that when i smoke herb, i'm less tired in comparison. Something to do with the full spectrum of the dab perhaps(although shatter has less or no terpenes which are a semi important part of the high and also explain the differences between two sativa strain effects for example. I would think that vaping would produce similar results to dabs but i don't have vape equipment. Getting away from the point sorry. I think the article is totally relevant and as responsible users and regular people, we should be happy to have accurate information about how marijuana actually affects us. I'm NOT saying that this article is accurate or not. I choose marijuana as a medication for my constantly racing, anxious mind and my tendency to dwell on emotionally difficult issues with family and friends, . I get in an argument with a friend and feel on tilt sometimes for a week about the fact that there is no resolution and we are at odds over this or that... marijuana helps with memory elimination and helps with shifiting focus to more enjoyable topics. At least when you smoke heavily or moderately. Initially, it can cause me anxiety for an hour or so if I have not smoked for a few days etc. Long story short, i think the people most interested in this article are marijuana users who would like to find a way to counterbalance the tired lethargic effects of marijuana.

Chestbrah caught with steroids

chestbrah caught with steroids


chestbrah caught with steroidschestbrah caught with steroidschestbrah caught with steroidschestbrah caught with steroids