Anabolic pathway definition biology

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The enzymes of the arginine dihydrolase pathway were demonstrated in Tritrichomonas foetus and their subcellular localization determined for both T. foetus and Trichomonas vaginalis. Ornithine carbamyltransferase (anabolic and catabolic activities), ornithine decarboxylase and carbamate kinase activity were localized predominately (56-80%) in the non sedimentable fraction of both species. A large proportion (35-40%) of the arginine deiminase was, however, recovered in the large granular fraction, and this distribution was unchanged by increasing the ionic strength of the buffer. Upon density gradient centrifugation the particles containing arginine deiminase activity had an isopycnic density of g/ml in percoll, and separated from hydrogenosomes ( g/ml) and lysosomes ( g/ml). Arginine deiminase was also the only enzyme of the dihydrolase pathway which demonstrated latency upon treatment of the g/ml fraction with non-ionic detergents. The results demonstrate the presence of the arginine dihydrolase pathway in T. foetus and indicate that at least a portion of the arginine deiminase in trichomonads is membrane associated.

Anabolic pathway definition biology

anabolic pathway definition biology


anabolic pathway definition biologyanabolic pathway definition biologyanabolic pathway definition biologyanabolic pathway definition biologyanabolic pathway definition biology